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Sunday, November 29, 2015

DIVINE by Cait Jarrod is Utterly Divine

DIVINE, Montana Dreams Book 1 November 23, 2015

Divine for headhunter
On sale until November 30, 2015

Divine's Blurb: Matt Carson and Trina Lovett befriend each other during turbulent times at a young age. Over the years, their friendship strengthens building a strong, unbreakable bond. At least that is what they believe. Life choices put an ocean between them, and the depth of their bond is tested. Under the stress of being apart, heart-wrenching events leave them plagued with doubt. Danger forces them to make irrefutable decisions about what they want from life.

Divine’s Book Trailer:

Divine Excerpt: “Hi, Trina!” The low, seductive voice came from beside her. Her muscles tensed. Excitement and dread each fought for a stance. Matt’s voice zinged her body, excited her nipples to beads, and caused her to squeeze her thighs together. “Matt,” she breathed. He looked good, too good. His worn jeans clung to his muscular thighs. The navy blue pullover brightened his heavenly eyes. Dreamy. His tanned face and five-o’clock shadow sent her gotta-have-it alarm screaming off the rails. Gorgeous, more striking than she remembered. She sucked in a hard, deep breath, and tried to reign in the excitement of seeing him, while battling the fear Cal would arrive any minute. “I owe you,” she whispered, instead of yelling into the phone, and ended the call. “You’re a sight.” Matt’s face brightened, his grin infectious. She wanted to rush into his arms but refrained, afraid any moment Cal would show. “Man, you’re beautiful,” he said, his tone left no room to doubt his sincerity. Her mouth watered and her head whirred. Matt was hot. He’d always been, but he’d filled out even more. His youthful features hardened into a man, a warrior, one that could protect and would do so at any moment. She drooled. He sent her the kind of appreciative glance a guy gave a woman he held in admiration, not necessarily by her beauty but for what he felt. Tingles raced over her body and forced her feet to move. He engulfed her into a bear hug. A hug so tight she didn’t think he’d let go. “I’ve missed you,” he said, his whispered voice tight. Ohmygod! Her pebbled nipples relished against his hardened chest. He didn’t just have a body that would do any poster justice. No, it wasn’t just that exiting her. It was him. He was her Matt. She slid her hands around him further, squeezed tighter. “I’ve missed you so much!” His chuckle vibrated her breasts, her hands. The smart move would be to step back before they became any more of a spectacle. She brushed a kiss to his jaw, ready to accept it may have to be enough, when his lips captured hers.

Reviews: “I love this book!! I absolutely could not put this book down!!! WOW!!! its so much like you are in this story you can actually feel these characters!! .” ~Ruby Compton Hammarstedt

“Divine by Cait Jarrod was the first book of hers I read. Needless to say, I’ve added all of her titles to my TBR list. Normally with a shorter book you feel rushed and that the story doesn’t foster a natural character development but that is not the case with Matt and Trina. This is a very well written book and it left me wanting to experience every up and down with Matt and Trina. You even feel attached to the secondary characters and I am hoping they all get their own book” ~Amy, The Book Boyfriend Addict To read the rest of Amy's review, click The Boyfriend Addict.

More reviews can be found on Goodreads.

The Montana Dreams Series:

Divine, #1: November 23, 2015 Destiny, #2: December 14, 2015 Desire, #3: January 18, 2016 Desire-Customdesign-JayAheer2015-banner3-mountain Giveaway-2 $25.00 gift cards. This giveaway will be running through all three releases. Two winners will be picked January 19, 2016. a Rafflecopter giveaway Stay in touch: If you would like reading pre-released excerpts, helping to decide characters’ names, voting on which picture to use, and winning prizes, my street team is open to new members. Click the join button >>> Cait’s Classy Chicks Street Team My newsletter comes out about once a month. To subscribe >>> News from Cait Newsletter Facebook Twitter Pinterest Google+ Goodreads Buy Cait Jarrod's books >>>Amazon. To learn about the author >>> check out Cait's website.  

Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Bare Facts on Bears by Vonnie Davis

I was never one to read shifter romances. Odd, wouldn’t you say, now that I’m writing them? You see, I had an underlying fear that bestiality would come into play. Yeah, what did I know?
Nothing could be further from the truth; shifting typically happens when a danger of some type is present, not for sexual reasons. The animals are attracted to other animals of the same species. Humans are drawn to other humans. No mixing; only matching. At least in the books I’ve read and enjoyed the last couple of years to see how shifters are handled.
In fact, with an open mind, anyone can read and adore shifter romances—even me. I’ve read about wolves, lions, jaguars and tigers that change into humans. However, I write about bear shifters. Who knows why. Perhaps it stems from my childhood beloved raggedy Benny Bear, who’s been re-stuffed, sewn and carefully hand-washed many times.
As a topic to write about, I didn’t choose bears. They chose me. An alpha bear meandered into a dream, shifted into this sexy hunk of Highlander hotness, and told me the history of how his bear ancestors came to be shifters. He shared Viking mythology that happened in the 900’s along the shores of the Scottish Highlands. My chore was to write it all in a believable way that you intelligent romance readers would accept (enter copious amounts of coffee and chocolate).
Bear shifter romances are very hot right now. I think part of it reverts back to our childhood when many of us had a cherished teddy bear. Now, as grown women, we are often attracted to tall men. Romantic heroes are almost always six feet or more. Think how tall a man who shifts into a bear would be? No matter how independent and trained you are in self-defense, there’s a deep-seated attraction to a man one can rely on when the going gets tough, like an attack of demons or rogue CIA agents. Sometimes, we just want to snuggle and be cuddled in return.

Every paranormal writer creates her own world for her stories. Authors have to make sure the boundaries, laws, and routines of our paranormal world stay consistent throughout the book or series. Various authors use the same laws. I tend to make mine up, because I love the creative process.
Some authors don't have the human and animal speak to each other. Since I talk to myself all the time, I felt a human would speak to his bear and his bear would respond. At times, they'd argue. Express an opinion the other would not care for.
For example, in my books, it is the bear who selects the mate for his human. After all, who knows the man better than his animal counterpart? The shifters do mate other shifters, but not always. Sometimes the bear picks a non-shifting woman his male half would never choose for himself, and it’s fun to listen in on the private conversations between bear and man.
Oh, I like her. She’s ours.
“Her? But she’s nay me type.”
Aye, she is. Look at her bonny soul and how spunky she is. She’s ours. Claim. Protect.
But what of their personalities? Would the man and his bear be alike or opposite? I chose to make them different. After all, their souls are two jagged pieces of a strange puzzle—part man with hopes, desires and passions and part animal with a need to protect both his human and the physical world around him. On one hand, we get a picture of tranquility with the bear and, on the other, the bear is a dominant warrior.
As a totem animal, the bear carries many messages for us; profoundly meaningful messages that guide us through some tough times in our lives. In addition, there is an unfathomable power surging just beneath the surface of the bear. It has eminent domain and is fully prepared to defend. In this powerful impressive display of security and aggression, we pick up bear meanings of sovereignty, courage, and themes of the warrior as defined in ancient Celtic deities. Artio and Thor are often depicted with the bear. Our nature-savvy ancestors recognized the dual nature of the bear—caring, yet ferocious. Warning, yet curious. Loving, yet loyal.


Sunday, November 8, 2015

A New Release by Mackenzie Crowne--IRRESISTIBLE DECEPTIONS

The latest release from award-winning author,
Mackenzie Crowne
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Wife, mother, and really young grandmother, Mac lives with her high school sweet heart husband, a neurotic Pomeranian, and a blind cat. She calls Phoenix home because the southwest feeds her soul. Though her friends claim she’s a princess, she disagrees. After all, one can’t raise two rambunctious boys to wonderful men without getting a little dirt under their nails. A lover of the romance genre, her resolve to share her stories with others was sharpened by a bout with breast cancer. Today she is a bestselling, award-winning author and eight year survivor, living the dream. Her friends call her Mac. She hopes you will too.  
Find Mac and her other titles at her favorite haunts on the web:
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Blurb: He'll either be her salvation or her ruin...

After five years on the run, Nicky Guimond Everson’s location is exposed, and she’s forced to come out of hiding to keep her son safe. Wary and suspicious, she’ll have to trust a stranger if she is to bring her illegal-arms-dealing ex-husband to justice once and for all. But resisting the arrogant but sexy security specialist isn't as easy as she first thought.

For Rhy McLean, the mission comes first. The job is his only love, but as he works with Nicky to catch his brother’s killer, her strength and loyalty melt the ice encasing his heart. She's not at all the woman he expected her to be. But Rhy has a dark secret he's been keeping from her and everything is at risk if she finds out.

Excerpt: Digging through his bag, he grunted and straightened. The handcuffs clinked together as he carried them to the door. Nicky glanced over as he attached one end to the iron grating of the old fashioned radiator beside the door. The fit was tight, but he managed to close the other end around the doorknob with a decisive snick. The makeshift lock effectively prevented the door from being opened without first obtaining the key. He slipped the keychain into the front pocket of his jeans.

Irritation simmered in Nicky’s eyes when they lifted from the handcuffs to him. “Isn’t that a fire hazard?”

“I’m a light sleeper.”

“That isn’t necessary, you know.”

Her words were an echo of those she’d thrown at him when he unceremoniously searched her duffel bag earlier while Tim and Alex were still out getting their meals.

Rhy repeated the same response as he had then. “I’m not taking any chances you’ll be gone when I wake up.”

“I thought you were a light sleeper.” A healthy dose of syrupy sweet sarcasm coated the dig.

He crossed his arms and shifted his weight to one hip in a negligent pose. “There’s another alternative.” He shifted his gaze to the bed he’d be sleeping in, alone, before coming back to rest on her with his eyebrows raised.

Nicky gave him a “get real” smirk but didn’t comment.

“I didn’t think so.” He ground his teeth against the sharp stab of disappointment he had no business feeling. He picked up his bag and headed for the bathroom, so pissed he couldn’t think straight. Nonetheless, his justifiable anger was no match for the images flooding his mind at the idea of crawling into that soft bed to curl himself around her even softer body. Then again, the part of his body supplying the impetus for the images wasn’t exactly known for its intelligence.

He closed the bathroom door with a kick of his foot. The cold shower didn’t help.

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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Aye, Those Men in Kilts, They Are A Coming

Nine days to go!
Nine days until the release of BEARING IT ALL, book three of the "Highlander's Beloved" series--Nov, 27th. Ronan's romance. The middle brother of the Matheson family, the one who claimed he was so busy seeing to everyone else's problems and taking care of the interior workings of the family's lodge, the only way he'd ever get a woman "was if she dropped from the feckin' sky." A man should always be careful of what he says, don't you think?
A kilted bear-shifter & kick-ass heroine (think 007 with boobs & curly hair) forge a bond that can't be broken.                            
I'm holding a Release Day Party on Facebook. You're all invited. A bevy of authors, girl talk, man candy and prizes.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Small Town Blog Featuring Alison Henderson

I have a special guest today--Alison Henderson. We met when we were both writing for The Wild Rose Press and now both contribute to the Roses of Prose Blog. Alison lives near Carmel, CA with her husband OG and is enjoying her new life of retirement.
Since Vonnie was kind enough to host me today, it seemed only fitting to talk about writing humor. While I’ve never come up with anything as hilariously original as Effie in her pink pelican baffies, I do love to write a little humor into all my stories, and my latest release, Small Town Christmas Tales, is no exception. The book is a collection of ten short holiday romances, rather like ten mini Hallmark Channel Christmas movies, each set in a fictional small town in a different state. Each story has a different tone, but I tried to tuck a bit of humor into most of them. Here are a couple of examples.
“Mistletoe and Misdemeanors” opens like this:
     This was the last place she expected to spend Christmas. Callie Rayburn glanced around the puke-green cinder block cell in the basement of the Hawthorne Springs, Missouri police station. In jail for Christmas. It figured, given the downward spiral her life had taken during the past twenty-four hours.
     A tear slid down the side of her nose. She dashed it away with the back of her hand and snuffled. She didn’t even have a tissue because that jerk Billy Freeman had taken her purse. What kind of town let a pubescent little snot like Billy Freeman wear a badge and carry a gun? It seemed like just last week she’d babysat him and his obnoxious younger brother to earn enough money to buy her dream dress for the senior prom.
     Another tear followed the track of the first. If Billy Freeman was old enough to be a police officer, what did that make her? Ancient. Over the hill. Thirty years old with nothing to show for it. Two days ago she’d been living the high life in St. Louis with a job, a cute apartment she couldn’t afford, and a future. Today—zip, nada, bupkis. And now, to tie the whole thing up with a big fluffy bow, she’d been arrested by Billy Freeman for breaking and entering. Un-freaking-believable.

The humor in “No Room at the Inn” is situational and character-driven, rather than attitude and language-based. In that story, a stranger shows up at the heroine’s inn in the middle of an ice storm with a pregnant Goth teenager in tow. They’re on the run from three Jersey mobsters, but the inn is fully booked for the holidays. Fortunately, as the heroine notes, “No way was she going to put a carpenter named Joe and a pregnant girl named Maria in her barn on Christmas Eve because there was no room at the inn.” Even though they look and sound like extras from The Sopranos, the Wise Guys turn out to be more like the Three Stooges, and ultimately all ends well.

 If you’re in the mood for a little holiday fun, I invite you to check out Small Town Christmas Tales: Ten Short Holiday Romances, available in paperback and ebook exclusively at Amazon. To see more, click here.
Thanks for visiting with me today, and happy holidays!