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Saturday, August 23, 2014

I've Been Overwhelmed By Good This Week

It's nearing midnight on Friday and I've had a week many writers dream about. A week that makes one feel both humbled and elated at the same time. A week of joy. Yet a week of tearful clouds as wet as the summer rains we've been receiving nearly every afternoon. I've been blessed and I've been overwhelmed. Believe me when I say I'm emotionally exhausted.

I'm not complaining.

I'm just trying to come to grips with it all.

On Monday, an article I'd written about how my hero--a bear shifter--appeared to me was in USA Today.

On Tuesday, my first paranormal romance was published by Random House Loveswept. I had a book release party from 11 am to 11 pm on Facebook. Authors who participated were NYT's and USA'a Best Selling authors Laura Kaye and Terry Spear, as well as fantastic authors: Kelly Moran, JM Stewart, Amie Louellan, AJ Nuest, Lisa Olech, Sarah Grimm, Mackenzie Crowne and Maeve Grayson.  Oh, and hunks in kilts...


We talked about books, men, oogled guys in and out of kilts and laughed. It was a total blast.

There were dozens of prizes awarded to those who attended and commented. Calvin made me food and drinks and carried them to me so I wouldn't have to leave my computer except for pottie breaks. Then, just as I was ready to collapse into bed, Laura Kaye posted on Facebook that A HIGHLANDER'S OBSESSION was trending at Number One on Barnes and Noble.


I didn't even know books trended, that's how clueless I was!

Thank goodness she provided the link, for I wouldn't have known where to look for it. But there it was...#1

Suddenly sleep was the last thing on our minds. Calvin and I stared at the Trending List of the top 100 e-books flying off the shelves at B and N for hours until our eyeballs went into revolt. My book trended at number one for roughly 28 hours before it began to slip. Even so, my numbers at both places--Amazon and Barnes and Noble have remained high for me. Not for the big sellers, now, but for me. And for that, I'm thrilled.

Reviews started coming in and not a one said "It's obvious this idiot has never written a paranormal before in her life"--and, believe me, I was sure someone would. One guy did lambast my Scottish burr even though my friend, who grew up in Scotland, and the Scottish language expert at Random House had corrected all the many times I was wrong. One reviewer claimed I had too many paranormal elements in one book. But, hey, we can't please everyone. We write the best story we can...and usually it's the story the characters give to us. We don't make them up! We take dictation.

Today my editor emailed me that The Library Journal had reviewed my book and written a very favorable one. It was something I never expected.

This whole week has been a basket of goodness. One I hope you all get to experience sometime. Everyone deserves a week like I've had.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Book Release Party and You're Invited

From 11 am to 11 pm -- Eastern Time
You're all invited!
Laughter, man candy, books, and prizes.
Guest Authors-
Laura Kaye
Kelly Moran
Terry Spear
JM Stewart
Amie Louellan
AJ Nuest
Lisa Olech
Sarah Grimm
Mackenzie Crowne
Maeve Grayson
and Me

Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Hunky Highlanders Are Almost Here!

A Highlander’s Obsession is a passionately sexy paranormal romance. It is a full-length novel, but one of those stories you’ll want to read in a single sitting. It is perfectly paced and distractingly addictive. Creighton and Paisley share a passion that sizzles off the page, while the narrative is surprisingly witty. One minute Vonnie Davis’s writing had me shrieking with laughter, the next I was furiously fanning my face as Creighton and Paisley heated up the pages with their romance.”
Helena from Love Reading Romances Reviews
“I loved A Highlander’s Obsession. I was pulled in from the beginning. It is sexy and funny with a strong story line. ‘I’m gonna kiss ye well and good.’ Warm lips pressed her temple. ‘And when I’m through . . .’ His warm lips rubbed across her cheek. “It will be me ye dream of tonight, not yer fiancĂ©.” His hold tightened on her and his mouth forged a trail to her ear, drawing her earlobe into his mouth. “Aye, it'll be me ye yearn for.”’ Yeah, Creighton is swoon worthy and hot. One of my favorite reads so far this year.”
Lori Haluska-Smith from Hopelessly Hooked on Books Reviews

“While I enjoy all sub-genres of romance, A Highlander’s Obsession, Ms. Davis’s funny, sexy, and suspenseful new paranormal romance has shot to the top of my list!
Dixie Lee Brown, author of the Trust No One series
“Brilliant, sexy and laugh-out-loud hilarious, A Highlander’s Obsession belongs on the keeper shelf to enjoy again and again, right next to all of Vonnie Davis’s fabulous stories! Get ready to fall in love. Creighton Matteson has just skyrocketed to the top of my all-time favorite romance heroes list! I can’t wait for the other books in this series. Kudos to Ms. Davis for creating this memorable paranormal romance.”
AJ Nuest, author of The Golden Key Chronicles series
“Sexy and funny with characters that walk straight into your heart. Vonnie Davis will have you rushing to turn the pages until the very last word. Scots, kilts, and bears . . . oh, my!”
Sarah Grimm, author of the Black Phoenix series

Monday, August 11, 2014

Release Day for The Yankee Club by Michael Murphy

Michael Murphy, author of THE YANKEE CLUB and several other books, is one of my literary agency mates. I write steamy romance. He writes mysteries and stories of aging hippies. Now, the aging hippie part we've got in common, so is our love of a well-written mystery. I read them and he writes them.

And Random House loves publishing them.

Michael Murphy is a full time author and part time urban chicken rancher in Arizona. He lives there with his wife of forty-one years and the four children they adopted this past year. In August, Random House Alibi will publish his ninth novel, a historical mystery set in the prohibition era, The Yankee Club.

In Michael Murphy’s action-packed Prohibition-era novel of suspense, a mystery writer returns to the bright lights and dark alleys of New York City—uncovering a criminal conspiracy of terrifying proportions.

In 1933, America is at a crossroads: Prohibition will soon be history, organized crime is rampant, and President Roosevelt promises to combat the Great Depression with a New Deal. In these uncertain times, former-Pinkerton-detective-turned-bestselling-author Jake Donovan is beckoned home to Manhattan. He has made good money as the creator of dashing gumshoe Blackie Doyle, but the price of success was Laura Wilson, the woman he left behind. Now a Broadway star, Laura is engaged to a millionaire banker—and waltzing into a dangerous trap.

Before Jake can win Laura back, he’s nearly killed—and his former partner is shot dead—after a visit to the Yankee Club, a speakeasy dive in their old Queens neighborhood. Suddenly Jake and Laura are plunged into a conspiracy that runs afoul of gangsters, sweeping from New York’s private clubs to the halls of corporate power and to the White House itself. Brushing shoulders with the likes of Dashiell Hammett, Cole Porter, and Babe Ruth, Jake struggles to expose an inconspicuous organization hidden in plain sight, one determined to undermine the president and change the country forever.

The Yankee Club will download August 12
iBooks    Kobo

Friday, August 8, 2014

Nine Days and Counting Until Book Release!

Releasing on the 19th from Random House Loveswept is A HIGHLANDER'S OBSESSION, Book One of my Highlander's Beloved Trilogy.
Book Two, A HIGHLANDER'S PASSION is still in my computer and undergoing heavy editing. It will release on April 7th of next year.
Book Three, A HIGHLANDER'S SANCTUARY is presently ping-ponging around in my addled brain and releases October 8th of next year.